Winter Beige Tone

In this range; to create an elegant effect, we used beige and shades not only to comply with its nature but also unexpectedly.
As we create a calm effect in ethnic skin designs, we made it challenging by using checks and abstract designs.
Qualities used are, AK1212 Monica Marocaine - AK15021 Graden(Mos Crepe) - AK2696 Alya - AK2616 Alpha in viscose range and IMP2044 Venice - AK5050 Yoryu Lurex Gold - IMP4000 Yoryu - AK5048 Leıla in polyester range.

+90 (224) 280 25 00

+90 (224) 280 25 00

+90 (224) 280 25 25

Atatürk cd. No: 197 GÜRSU / BURSA / TÜRKİYE

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