Fashion Burgundy

We achieved a striking and intense effect in this winter collection by using purple and burgundy shades.
We balanced this effect that we achieved; with other warm and contemporary colours and what turned out to be is just stunning but warm flowers and winter ethnics.
In this group, in order to reflect the effect that we aimed; we used AK2616 Alpha, AK2696 Alya as Viscose qualities and IMP2044 Venice, AK5050 Yoryu Lurex Gold, IMP4000 Yoryu as Polyester qualities.

+90 (224) 280 25 00

+90 (224) 280 25 00

+90 (224) 280 25 25

Atatürk cd. No: 197 GÜRSU / BURSA / TÜRKİYE

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